MOVING THE NEEDLE : The Andrew Neethling Podcast

#28. Ben Deakin: Mental toughness all while not taking life too seriously. Lessons from the royal marines.

February 16, 2021

Ben Deakin is a former Royal Marine Commando and now a pro mountain biker. To achieve this status you have to complete arguably the toughest basic milatary training in the world and is said to be harder than the Navy Seals.  In his words "  it's 32 weeks of pure hell. "   He served and was shot in the Afghanistan conflict.  Ben has shown how mental toughness and a positive attitude can help you over come adversity and build the life you dream of.  He has paved his own way in the mountain bike world and is now a real character. Some say even famous in the MTB world. Check out his Youtube Channel HERE.  We chat about it all and more. Some stories are crazy and the way he tells them had me on the edge of my seat. He has some great insights and relates it back to life and riding. Enjoy. 





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